Welcome to my portfolio! As you've probably noticed, my body of work spans a diverse range of themes, styles, and media. I thrive on experimentation, refusing to confine myself to a single concentration. For me, creating art is a journey towards inner peace, and that journey knows no bounds. I revel in pushing my boundaries and surrendering to the creative process. While this approach may result in a seemingly disorderly portfolio, it's a testament to my passion for indulging curiosity and embracing the unknown.
I invite you to take a journey through my portfolio, where each piece is a manifestation of love and boundless exploration. I hope you find as much peace in viewing it as I did in creating it.

  I am always happy to answer any questions and fulfill any requests to the best of my abilities. Please reach out via my contact form or emailing me directly at alisonreidart@gmail.com 

  I also provide digital archiving and photography services, check out the "Services" page for more info. 

  Originals and reproductions can be ordered from https://alisonreidart.bigcartel.com/

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