Silver Cloud Archive

Photography and digital archiving services in Leadville, Colorado.

 Film and print archiving and retouching:

                        If you are interested in having your collection of family history digitized and restored with a level of one on one attention you won't find in many of the remaining U.S. photo labs.                                                                                                                                          
   My rate varies based on a number of project specific factors; how large the collection is, the condition the prints and film are in, any requested restoration, and how the collection will be delivered (printed, digital, or both)
Digitizing of all film types up to 4x6 sheet film, and prints up to 8x12" starts at 54¢ an image.
Pricing increases for images requiring extra handling and care. Prints larger than 8x12" fall into my art documentation pricing, which is based on various factors.
Bulk archiving and memorial discounts are also available.

I also provide product photography and art documentation to Leadville, Colorado and the surrounding area.
Email with information about your project to get an estimate.